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DC-Group offers a full range of services in managing design, construction and reconstruction of properties of any functional use, including provision of Technical Client/construction supervision services.

    Preinvestment analysis and construction expertise (Due Diligence):

  • assessment of the possibilities of construction on the proposed site in accordance with the existing norms and regulations
  • defining the sequence of project activities, selection of individuals and/or legal entities required for Project implementation
  • risk analysis and recommendations for risk reduction
  • financial expenditure analysis
  • preliminary consolidated budget and project implementation schedule
  • construction actual value and quality assessment

    Pre-design stage:

  • acquisition of initial documents required for project implementation
  • managing development and approval of project architectural and urban-planning concept
  • arranging execution (amendment) of the land plot development plan
  • assistance in formalizing land and property titles and issue of government authority executive documents relating to the project
  • managing tender documents preparation
  • holding any kind of tenders for general contractor selection

    Design stage:

  • managing preparation, coordination and approval of design documentation
  • managing acquisition of all types of technical specifications
  • design optimization with due consideration of functional and commercial expediency

    Construction phase:

  • procurement of permits for project construction
  • supervision of development and approval of detailed design documentation
  • construction supervision
  • managing execution of permits for completed project commissioning

These and many other services of project management, technical authority, construction supervision and complex technical audit will provided to you by DC-Group in high quality, on time, and within approved budget.

E-mail: info@dcgroup.ru