Residential complex “Vitebskaya”

Жилой комплекс "Витебская"

Moscow, Vitebskaya street
Developed the architectural concept
the total area is 219,800 sq. m.

A full range of services for the organization and management of design

  • Analysis of the possibility of construction on the proposed site in accordance with the current rules and regulations.
  • Determination of the algorithm of actions for the Project, identification of persons (legal entities and/or individuals) necessary for the implementation of the Project.
  • Collection of initial data for Project implementation.
  • Organization of the development of the architectural and urban planning concept of the Object..
  • Organization of registration (adjustment) of the urban planning plan of the land plot (GPZU).
  • technical support in the registration of land and property relations and the issuance of administrative documents of the authorities for the implementation of the project.
  • organization of obtaining all types of technical specifications.
  • optimization of design taking into account functional and commercial feasibility.
  • organization of tender documentation development.
  • Conducting all types of tenders in the process of Project implementation.

This list is not exhaustive